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About Us

Our Mission:

The National Basketball Teams Alumni Association (“NBTAA”) is an association of former Canadian National Basketball Team members (men and women) whose mission is to enrich our nation’s sports culture by preserving our storied basketball past while connecting and engaging with our Alumni to support and advance the sport of basketball in Canada.  The NBTAA will foster networking and other opportunities to reconnect former National Team players, coaches, builders and referees who share a passion for basketball in Canada, excellence in sport and the belief that Canada should be a perennial podium contender.


Letter from The Founders:

If you have donned a Team Canada jersey or supported Team Canada, experienced the privilege of representing and competing, coaching, refereeing and/or managing for our Nation in basketball, then you are an integral part of a rich Canadian Basketball legacy: You are a Team Canada Alumnus and part of a select and esteemed group.

Our Association is being founded by Team Canada Alums and directed exclusively by and for Team Canada Alums (Players, Coaches, Managers, Referees and Builders: All are welcome).

All alums of every generation are welcomed and encouraged. We are not soliciting your funding here.

It is no secret that the game of basketball was invented by a Canadian: Dr. James Naismith.

Team Canada has enjoyed many outstanding international (FIBA) achievements. Many of you played important roles in those achievements.

It is past time that we alums (that wish to do so) begin ‘linking together’ and loosely but properly begin to connect and organize ourselves.

We started with our former Senior Men’s National Team. CB Hall of Famer Misty Thomas stepped up on the female side. Please support and join her and us by emailing your individual and any Olympic/Medalists Team pictures.

At this time, we will only be able to post pictures of SMNT/SWNT National A Team / Olympic Team players that represented Canada in FIBA/FISU sanctioned championships and Pan Am Games Medalists. All corresponding individual and team pictures will be posted. We note that this is a work in progress. If there have been individual or team omissions or picture quality issues, simply identify any oversight, scan any corresponding  picture, upgrade picture quality and kindly email any updated pictures to our attention.

Feel free to follow our current SWNT / SMNT players and Team Canada via Canada Basketball. We are all Team Canada – each of you helped to build this rich tradition and have contributed significantly to our strong heritage and future.

We intend to keep this process practical, frugal, simple and not overly time consuming.

Feel free to connect via Twitter, Email and/or Facebook. We will offer a brief bi-annual newsletter and simply take it from there.

We are happy and honored to step up and help lead in the development of our Alumni Association. Please join us and step up as well.

To quote Coach Donohue: ‘Pitter patter – let’s get at ‘er’.


David Turcotte
Misty Thomas
Women’s Alumni Association
Howard Kelsey